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油画を読むとは? 旧派とは? 新派とは? 由一と金刀比羅宮 調査と修復?
■TAKAHASHI Yuichi and Konpira Shrine■

TAKAHASHI Yuichi exhibited 37 pieces in the Second Kotohira Shrine Exhibition in 1879 and offered them to Konpira Shrine. He also stayed there from December, 1880 to January, 1881. The shrine records show that "Koto-oka Hirotsune" was painted during this stay.

Works from Kotohira Shrine
Textbook and Copybook(1874-1875)
Cod and Plum Flowers(1877)
Cerry Blossoms at the Bank of Sumida River(1877)
Cerry Blossoms(1879)
Koto-oka Hirotsune(1881)

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left:Koto-oka Hirotsune
right:Textbook and Copybook (Owned by Kotohira Shrine)