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油画を読むとは? 旧派とは? 新派とは? 由一と金刀比羅宮 調査と修復?
■What "Reading Oil Paintings" means■

Gallery Talk August9.2001
Otoyo YONEKURA (Teaching Assistant), Motomitsu MOMII (Postdoctor students)

The films of Xray for works and for persons are the same. In the case of large works, the films of Xray taken by the same size as the painting and connected together.
Yoshimatsu Goseda was the first Japanese to attempt an expression of a group, in“Pupper Theater”His detailed descriptions are utilized in the poster, thickets and sign in this exhibition.

What "Reading Oil Paintings" means
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left: Momii(left) and Yonekura explaining using X-ray photograph actually
right: "Puppet Theater", GOSEDA Yoshimatsu, right below: X-ray photograph of "Puppet Theater"