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油画を読むとは? 旧派とは? 新派とは? 由一と金刀比羅宮 調査と修復?
■What "Reading Oil Paintings" means■

Gallery Talk September13.2001
Eriko NAKAU, Michiko SAKUMA (Postdoctor students)

"Woman (in the Kitchen)" by KURODA Seiki is one of the works he produced while living in Europe. The painting has been organized entirely in soft, bluish gray tones. Recent study has shown that the black of this jacket is a mixture of reds and blues. The method of painting black in the "purple school" had effect on many painters.

What "Reading Oil Paintings" means
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left: "Woman (in the Kitchen)", KURODA Seiki
right: Infrared rays of "Woman (in the Kitchen)"