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油画を読むとは? 旧派とは? 新派とは? 由一と金刀比羅宮 調査と修復?
■What "Reading Oil Paintings" means■

Gallery Talk September20.2001
Prof. Kazumichi SAKAMOTO (Techniques and Materials Section)

The "Salmon" by TAKAHASHI is painted with appropriate procedures and methods from head to tail. The rope, head, and body of the fish are painted rather thickly, and their textures have been rendered bringing out the viscosity of the paint and the brushstrokes. On the other hand, the back-ground, the flesh, and the tail have been painted freely, making use of the color effects of the paper and the underpainting.

What "Reading Oil Paintings" means
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left: "Salmon", TAKAHASHI Yuichi
right: X-ray photograph of "Salmon"